Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Productivity

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 So, this past week has been a rather blur to me. I got pretty sick this past Thursday from who knows what! so, it kind of threw me off my normal routine and stuff. I also worked three shifts at work until midnight, which is kind of not ordinary either. Anyways, let me just say that my creativity progress has not really progressed, lol (couldn't think of another word!).
However, on Sunday, I did get some creative juice flowing in me...

This past weekend had such beautiful weather!! I enjoyed it by doing yoga, running, and painting outside for the days I have "off"

This is the current look of my cactus photo. I might work on it some more tomorrow night.

As for this Digital Class, I currently do not have any clue what I want to do for my abstract animation. I am pretty stuck and have only several sketches right now :/ That is what I am going to be doing all night long~

Namaste ya'll! (so friggin cliche it is ridiculous)

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